transparent bumper ball
Transparent Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball
  • Item No.:

  • Brand Name:

  • Material:

    0.8/1.0mm good Plato PVC or TPU
  • Size:

    1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m Diameter
  • Accessories:

    CE/UL pump & repair kit
  • MOQ:

    1 pair
  • Packing:

    2 bubbles in one carton
  • Production Time:

    5-7 working days
  • Product Origin:

  • Color:

    5-7 working days
  • It’s popular used for teams who play football/soccer to hit each other to get scores. Bumper Ball can be used for adults as well as children simply adjusting the safety harness.


Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball (also called bumper bubble, soccer bubble, bubble Soccer, bumper bubble

ball, bumper zorb, body zorb ball, body zorbing, etc) is one of the popular interactive sports game.

You can use bumper ball to organize games, sport events, parties, schools activities, birthday, etc.

It’s better to play bumper ball in indoors or outdoor clean grass, playground.

play body bumper ball

Transparent Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball

Item No.: FABB-01
Size: 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m (3.9', 49', 5.9' ) Diameter 
Brand Name: Fancy
Materials: 0.8/1.0mm good Plato PVC or TPU
Accessories: CE/UL pump & repair kit
Packing: 2 bubbles in one carton, packing size: 62*42*42cm, 24kg/carton
Remark: many colors & sizes are available.
Production Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: Paypal, T/T, Western Union, 

50% deposit before production and 50% balance after production.

1. Different size of bumper ball for different people.
1.2m dia bumper ball is for average children who is no shorter than 4.9ft (1.5m).
1.5m dia bumper ball is for average adult & children who is between 4.9ft (1.5m) to 6ft (1.85m). 
1.8m dia bumper ball is for average adult who is taller than 6ft (1.8m).
Remark: If the person is a little bigger, it's better to choose a bigger size bumper ball. 

2. Features of Bumper Ball:

2.1. High transparency, high durability: we use Plato PVC material, better than normal PVC material. 

It’s more transparent and durable. It can be used for 1-3 months longer than normal PVC bumper balls.
2.2. High strength: Withstanding the rough treatment of commercial use. It's good choice to buy our bumper ball for rentals or parties.
2.3. Easy to set up and store: with pump, it's easy to inflate or deflate balls; we can also give you extra bags or cartons for ball storage.

3. Quality Control of Bumper Ball:

After production, we test each bumper ball for over night to avoid leakage; also, inspect each details and 

workmanship of bubble to ensure the quality. If there is any problem before shipment, we’ll replace a one. 

Our bumper balls have passed CE certification.

4. Bumper Ball Details

The are one pair of safe harnesses and handles inside each bubble. It's safe to play after wearing it well. 

bumper ball details

5. Printing: high quality digital printing/silkscreen: (to protect customer's info, we just put part of logo here, not the whole logo).

6. Accessories: 220V/110V, CE/UL pump, repair kit (glues, PVC & TPU material for repair). 

We can give you extra safe harnesses and valves if you need. Pump has two outlets, one for inflating ball to 

set up, one for deflating ball. It's convenient to set up and pack bubbles.

small pump for bumper ball

7. Packing & Delivery
Bubble balls will be deflated without air inside, then rolled for easy packing. 
After that, we firstly use 

shrink wrap to pack balls, then put in a carton. 2 bubble balls put in one carton. 

bumper ball package

8. FAQs

8.1. Your pumps meet CE/UL requirements? Is there suitable pump plugs for us?

Our pumps are with the certificates of CE/UL. We have different plugs, voltages for different countries.

8.2. Can we change the color or printing based on the original design?

Yes, OEM accepted.

8.3. Can you print my logo or company name, website on bumper ball? How much is the cost?

Yes, we can. Please give us clear PDF logo file for clear printing.

The cost depends on the logo size, logo complexity and quantity.

8.4. Is there an age limit for Bumper Ball?

Almost all kids & adult can play it (except for kids no more than 8-year-old or senior above 80-year-old).

8.5. Is there a weight limit for Bumper Ball?

There is no minimum weight limit, but there is a maximum weight limit of 90kg. 

9. Maintenance and Storage:

a. Inflating: Inflating bubbles about 85%-95% full is good. Never inflate bubbles about 96%-100% full.

b. Usage: It's better to play bubbles indoors or clean playground to keep it transparent.

After using them, use dry soft cloth to clean the dusts on bubbles.

Remark: Good Maintenance help bumper ball keep transparent and extend its using time.

10. Why Choose Us:

1). High Quality:

a. Inflatable Bumper Balls are our main products for more than 4 years. Our production team is proficient

in making them. Each detail of workmanship are made and controlled well.

b. Strict quality control during and after production.If any problem is found, we'll correct it or re-make

a new one. We can guarantee that only good quality bumper balls can be shipped out.

2). Fast Delivery Time:

With 3 high temperature machines working at the same, we can guarantee fast delivery. 5-9 working days

for dozens of bumper balls and 12-16 working days for hundreds of body zorb balls.

At the same time, we guarantee high quality.

3). Good Service:

a. Fast Response: Your any inquiry or messages will be replied ASAP, no less than 1 hour in our

working hours.

b. Custom Service: We customize designs, sizes or other details.

c. After-sale service: For any complaint, we'll investigate it and give you a solution within 1-3 days.

4). Reasonable Price:

a. FREE blower for the first order of new customers.

b. Being a inflatables factory, our price is 8%-10% lower than other suppliers in our industry.

5). Convenient Payment Term:

Via T/T, Paypal, Western Union. It's safe and convenient for you to pay via Paypal.

If you connect your Paypal account with credit card, it's OK for you to pay via credit card.

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