Why Should You Have Inflatable Snow Globe at Your Christmas Party?

October 9, 2017.

Large Inflatable Snow Globe looks similar to small glass snow globe, but inflatable snow globe is large

and fit many people. You could also decorate it more beautiful. Because of its giant size, it’s  looks obvious

and very attractive to walking people, when you put it on the center of mall or event. It’s great for promotion,

event and holiday decoration.

4 Reasons You Should Have Inflatable Human Snow Globe:

1. Widely used in many occasions: It’s human sized snow globe, fitting several several persons. It’s great for

dance or opera performance, product show and Christmas decoration. It’s can be used for outdoor and indoor.

2. Make your Christmas party more beautiful. It’s easy to re-decorate it. You could decorate the inside with

blowing snow, Christmas tree, snowman, elf or other beautiful items. See pics below, they’re gorgeous.

Children love staying inside. Family can also enter and take impressive photos.

3. With many backdrop options: We offer many backdrop options for your choosing: Christmas, snowman,

forest, fish, animals, landscape, ocean and other themes. Or we can also customize your unique backdrop

artwork. The backdrop is detachable. You could switch the backdrop theme for different parties, events.

4. Easy to pack and store: It's inflatable, easy to set up. After deflating it, it's small, easy to pack and store.

You could easily move it to your backyard, a party or event.

blowup large Christmas snow globe

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